Honorary Chairdog, Lost Dog Titus
Honorary Chairdog, Lost Dog Titus
Welcome back to a one of a kind charity event that is inspired by D. J. Rodrian's "Lost Dog Titus", who ran loose in Milwaukee from April 1 to April 26, 2011.    Although Titus went to heaven, his legacy of inspiring the community lives on.

What:  Titus Trail Relay for Charity

When:  Saturday, June 18, 2022 - 7:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.

Where:  Finish Line / Hoyt Park, Picnic Area 3, at NOON 

Why:  Fundraiser for 10 Charities / 10 Participants (Teams)

This is NOT a walk or fun run for the general public.  There are only 10 participants (Teams).  But you can still come out with or without your dog, support some great causes, and have a blast at the Finish Line Picnic!  Here's how it works:
  • 2010 was the first year -- it was a one man, one dog (DJ & Titus) 16+ mile solo exploratory run down the Menomonee River, raising money and awareness for one charity.  Starting in 2011, the event was expanded to include 10 participants (Teams) and charities.  See the Race History page for more details.
  • In this event, the course has been divided into a 10 section relay, and 10 participants are invited to raise money for their own charities by joining DJ for a section of the course.
  • Each Team has their own custom web page on this site, featuring links, pictures, and videos to promote their cause.  Online donations can be made directly to teams/charities using the "Donate to Team" link on this page.  These donations are passed directly to the team's featured charity, net of credit card costs.
  • There is a Finish Line Picnic starting at noon.  Note:  this is an RSVP Requested event which is limited to donors, sponsors, participants, charities, and their guests.  It is an informal, family-style picnic, so we like to keep a handle on who, and how many, people are coming.
The Menomonee River beckons.
The Menomonee River beckons.

Any questions?  Please use the Contact Us form, or contact D. J. Rodrian during normal business hours at 262-781-4750. 

If you are serious about being one of the ten participants with a charity of your own, feel free to e-mail D. J. directly at dj@rodrian.com.

This is a grass-roots, home-made, old-fashioned, "do it yourself" effort to raise money for good causes.  Whatever anyone's level of participation, is at their own risk.  I'm not a lawyer, so please don't get one and sue me!  All participants are considered my friends.  DJR