Thank you for donating to one of the 10 teams in the Titus Relay!  There are 2 ways to give:
1. ONLINE via Credit Card.  Choose a team from the list below, and you can give a donation online using the form provided. 
2. OFFLINE via Check.  You are welcome to write a check directly to the charity of your choice.  You can view and download the Pay By Mail Form by clicking this link.  Complete instructions for mailing a check are provided.  No processing fees apply if you use this method (good for larger donations).
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Saving Sadie Campaign " ALL of us have special needs, But ALL of us have special abilities, too! "
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Why Saving Sadie’s “Titus Trail Relay” Donations Are Extra SpecialPlease Donate now through June 15
Sometimes the unexpected happens in life.  In the case of Sadie, she was shot and left for dead by cruel people, but God had a different plan.
In the case of Titus, he was lost by owner D. J. Rodrian when he escaped from a dog-sitter in 2011.  For the full story, see Who Is Titus?  I was completely captivated by the story in 2011, because the dog was running loose for 26 days and his owner was literally sleeping in a tent waiting for the dog to come home.  The movie tells the whole story.
I am honored to be participating in the Titus Trail Relay for Charity on June 13, 2020 – it will be the 3rd year with Sadie and I joining 9 other charities to raise money for good causes.  Some of them are related to God, and some are related to dogs.
If you have ever considered supporting Saving Sadie, this is one of the special times each year, when I ask for donations towards our cause of bullying and overcoming setbacks in life.  Thank you!

Saving Sadie is a 501(c)3 and all donations are tax deductible.

www.savingsadie.com  www.savingsadiemovie.com


Joal Derse
Founder and Owner of Sadie
Have you read my book yet? It has a happy ending!
Have you read my book yet? It has a happy ending!

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D. J. Rodrian Amount: $ 300 Date Received: 05/6/2020
"Good luck and thanks for participating!"