Enter a Team
Titus thinks you should put in a Team.
Titus thinks you should put in a Team.

<< We are currently confirming the participants for 2022.  We will post if any slots are available.  E-mail dj@rodrian.com if you are interested.  Thanks! >>

Are you considering being one of the "Big Ten", entering a team, and becoming  a participant?  That would be great!  This is a good fit for you if:

  • You have a qualified cause, group, charity, or non-profit that you want to support.  It does not have to be a non-profit organization - just a worthy cause!  Proceeds will be forwarded directly to cause and your donors will get a receipt for tax purposes, if applicable.
  • You have at least one person and one dog who are physically willing and able to tackle one of the Ten Sections.  (Some sections like Mt. Mary and Granville Dog Park allow for additional participants).  Indicate your favorite 3 Sections in order, in the remarks section.
  • You don't mind telling your friends, family, co-workers, and everyone you know, that you are raising money for charity online, sending e-mails and Facebook links to your custom Team Website.  That's how you make the biggest difference!  You will need someone with web experience to make the most out of your web page, otherwise DJ can help you.  It's super easy to upload photos, embed videos, and links about your charity and cause.
  • You, your supporters, and your charity are encourage to come to the Finish Line Picnic!  Don't forget to RSVP.
When you're ready, please complete the form below and submit it for consideration.  The applications will be considered first come, first serve and they must be approved.  You will be notified if you become one of the qualifying teams, and you can get started working on your website right away.

If you want to discuss this with DJ, please call 262-781-4750 during regular business hours, or e-mail dj@rodrian.com with questions or concerns.  Thanks for your consideration and good luck!